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Yashpal Yadav
Haryana Urban Local Bodies

“Lot of people have contributed in my life starting from the parents, uncle and aunty and other siblings. God has always been kind to me that I have been provided with best of companions always.”

I come from district Mahendragarh of Haryana, a very small village Kanwi. Got first lessons of life from a joint family and under watchful eyes of my Grand Mother. Humbleness is the gift of parents and specially the unassuming and self satisfied mother who inculcated the cleanliness early in my life. Unambitious and self-satisfied is the reflection of the father and makes me grounded always.
Outdoor activities, reading and playing cricket always fascinate me and when I don’t get time reading books I compensate listening on YouTube while walking and travelling. I really love meditation as and when I find time and always try to look back and improve in life.

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